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One of Many Global Warming & Climate Change Debates (it's hot outside today...)

Current climate theories rely upon metrics already known to our planet without explaining the changes to others happening simultaneously and without taking these new variables (or solar activity at all) into account.

Solar system temperature increase:
It is documented the sun projected more radiation this past 140 cycle (1878-2018 including the pause) than it had in the past 140 year cycle (1878-1738) matching the last mini-ice age and those that predate it.

The poles are getting warmer at a faster rate than the planet as a whole and the same is happening to Mars.

Neptune is now glowing with a charged atmosphere showing aurora and a ring.

Jupiter has several new storms moving.

Many other temperature related events are being observed and noted with causes under debate in planets and moons.

All of these are happening at the same time our planet is getting warmer at the poles in the same fashion as our closest celestial neighbor.

Periods of high solar activity bombard the solar system with charged particles, UV, and other solar radiation.

Man has not manipulated or released CO2 into the atmospheres of other planets or moons.

astronomiques du moment angulaire de 1620 ร  2180.( source : Carl Shmit)
The solar bombardment and cycle is not the sole cause of Earth's climate yet it plays a role perhaps even as a trigger to a natural chain of events on Earth and other planets within our solar system.

The poles are where solar wind and charged particles are magnetically drawn to.

Our Earth - as well as mars - are both experiencing polar heating and melting.

Observations on Earth show that dust and other particulates on top of the ice increase capture of solar radiation causing melt to occur just as dust on snow in temperate regions does.

Melt of polar ice and new snow pack is releasing CO2, methane, and trace gasses trapped within the frozen layers of buried precipitant from thousands of years past into the atmosphere.

GISP2 and Epica Dome C Ice Core Comparison

Earthly CO2 release data:
Studies of forest fires have indicated releases of as much as 25%-50% of CO2 released by human activities.

There are volcanic and seismic activity releasing CO2 in vast quantities.

Human activity + natural release has brought atmospheric CO2 derived from ice samples to 282ppm (2007) from 275ppm (bronze age 3,300 years ago) and 263ppm (7,000 years ago).

Global temperature is much cooler now than it was 3,300 years ago and that was slightly colder than it was 7,000 years ago.

Human release of CO2 is part of but not the cause of total CO2 atmospheric increase.
CO2 appears to be a symptom of and/or contributing factor to global temperature increase but not the cause.

CO2 is higher now than ever at current air recordings of 400ppm however CO2 was at its lowest when Earth was at its warmest according to ice core samples and has been on a steady climb in ppm over the past 7000 years as global temps have been decreasing at a similar rate over a similar period.

The CO2 to temperature charts over the past 7000 years shows CO2 increased as temperature fell.

Dry Air Molecules by Volume in PPM

As temperature falls the air becomes less humid (retaining less heat) raining less often (creating hot spots) scrubbing and collecting less dust (creating polar melt) and less CO2 from the air depositing less into the soil (adding to greenhouse CO2 effect).

Turbulent weather is a reaction to this as hot and cold masses create larger winds and storms in more defined areas until erosion and humidity permeates the dry regions over time and the defined areas become more gentle and sloping allowing the air masses to mix less violently and temperature differentials become less extreme.

CO2 & atmospheric variables:
By volume, dry air contains 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of trace gases.

CO2 only accounts for 0.844(kJ/(kg K)) of the already 1.01(kJ/(kg K)) dry air mixture.
Adding another 100ppm of CO2 directly to our current 0.04% putting us at purported greater greenhouse effect makes the dry air specific heat go up from 1.01(kJ/(kg K)) to only 1.0100844(kJ/(kg K)).

Doubling the methane currently at 0.000179% of the atmosphere to the 100ppm CO2 only brings 1.0100844(kJ/(kg K)) up to 1.0100883738(kJ/(kg K)) - basically unchanged.

Air currently contains a variable amount of water vapor, on average around 1% at sea level, and 0.4% over the entire atmosphere.

Water vapor triples the heat of air by adding 1.93(kJ/(kg K))specific heat to the already 1.01(kJ/(kg K)) specific heat of average dry air at only 0.06894757 bars.

Humidity creates a much more tangible greenhouse effect yet as it rains the air not only gets cooler but simultaneously reduces CO2 as it falls to the ground scrubbing dust, becoming carbonic acid by absorbing Carbon, and depositing those molecules into the soil.

Future projections:
Solar minimum just like what led to the Thames freezing over in London with a global drop in temp that dragged on due to a cooling chain of events is on the way.

A cooling chain reaction will take place just as the last warming chain reaction took place.

Right now we are at the very tail end of high solar activity and off gassing from heating just as a magma dome approaching frozen areas would do even if not breaching the surface or a roof gets hot and steam then radiant heat rises from it as soon as one blip of black shingle is exposed to the sun.

Whichever political stance one takes on Earthly causes the presence of similar factors in other planets is real - no debate.

The temp has risen from only a few decades back in a chain reaction effect as prior discussed - no debate.

Other planets are experiencing similar events - no debate.

A decrease in solar activity will expose less magnetic dust, particles, and solar debris to the poles while also putting out less UV and solar wind from lack of sun spots.

Snow covering dark rooftops, land masses, and roads reflecting solar radiation instead of absorbing it, cleaning CO2 from the air, depositing CO2 into ice pack and water, freezing air-borne humidity create a chain reaction of cooling.

The increase in CO2 over the past 7,000 years appears to have buffered us into a temperate average decline for the past 3,300 years.

Man's impact is there but is much less significant than being "the cause" or breaking natures natural ability to cycle climatically as it had long before our arrival.

One need only see how they interact/react with & feed into each other.

Remove one stimuli and others become less reactive.

More CO2 and methane in the atmosphere may slow the reactive cooling chain making a more mild and a less severe cooling event into a more mild cooling trend.

Houses having dark rooves, dark solar panels/windows, and blacktop pavement (visible from space) effect more to planetary warming than CO2 by holding and radiating heat to the ground & air.

White rooves, concrete roads, and sand colored or heat reflective solar panels/windows will reduce ground & air heating dramatically in a short period of time just as a snow covered landscape as compared to a freshly tar coated parking lot would.

There should be calls to paint all the rooftops white and use a lightening additive to tarred roadways, glass & solar panels that sink heat into the Earth and the air way before we reduce livestock and manufacturing as heating the Earth and air directly causes instant warming of the atmosphere on a grand scale making summers hotter and winters milder compared to current measured CO2 of 400ppm vs Nitrogen's 780,840ppm and Oxygen's 209,460ppm of our atmosphere especially when humidity accounts for a 200% air temperature increase at less than one bar.

Time will tell.
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