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Insulation, Procrastination, & Bug Spray...

Q uite a long day of procrastination was actually helpful in getting me up the ladder to find and defeat the last of the roof leaks. Sprayed the joist cavities with bug killer & impregnated the insulative materials as an extra measure before installing insulation above my head on a hot, humid, and sweaty day. After a couple hours of breathing and wearing all that things began to unravel... LOL Tags: tiny house,off-grid,DIY,D.I.Y.,do it yourself,how to,frugal,free,nature,natural,van life,construction,insulation,procrastination,bug spray

Open trails lead to new dreams

A small peak at possibilities on a brisk walk through the main trails during an early morning drizzle after coffee and an introduction to a new construction. Tiny house on property :) Tags: tiny house,off-grid,DIY,D.I.Y.,do it yourself,how to,frugal,free,nature,natural,van,van life,construction,landscaping,trail,hike,walk,tour