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I ntroduction to, a FairlyAdept site, that has evolved from a micro-homesteading site into more of a semi-daily blog that gives commentary on videos, movie, and news of the day. Today's featured commentary was based upon "Jack's Films YIAY #276" and "Trump shocked: 10 Democratic counties caught in voter fraud - they're busted!!!" from Paris Swade for Liberty Writers covered by the Next News Network... YIAY - NNN - Tags: landscaping,NNN,LivinMicro,tiny house,news,flags,project,yard work,nature,election,fairlyadept,fairly,tools,commentary,do it yourself,fix,old fashioned,learn,duct tape,livinmicro,super glue,van,silly Jack,how to,free,living micro,Trump,adept,teardown,website,D.I.Y.,FairlyAdept,living,frugal,steve,repair,natural,DIY,community,fraud,landscape,micro,solder,construction