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Weeded Impasse To Wooded Trail

T he fruits of my labor from a hard day's work using my new Ryobi 18v hedge trimmer to reclaim an opening from a 6 foot tall thicket of weeds, stalks, and wild grasses then carving a trail through untapped wilderness... Tags: tiny house,off-grid,nature,natural,landscaping,Ryobi 18v trimmer,trail,hiking,woods,wilderness,ryobi,hedge trimmer,18v,one+

Solar Battery Setup: from 24V to 12V???

D ue to balancing issues that required me to manually hookup a charger from the inverter to equalize the weaker battery on the positive side from unequal charge & discharge from the 24v equipment coupled with the 24v to 12v converter's inability to power my 12v inverter & lack of power provided by the 24v inverter I was forced to manually swap my 10 year old 12v inverter off of one battery then onto the other at random intervals to maintain battery balance. Ugh, 12v system here I come!!! Tags: tiny house,off-grid,DIY,D.I.Y.,do it yourself,how to,frugal,construction,solar,batteries,battery,24v,12v,24 volt,12 volt,inverter,electric