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This was such a wonderful image... Tags: pics,yup
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Day5 Perimeter Trail is Done!!!

Today was the day! Front half and back half of trail are connected. Plenty of water features and tunnels under tree cover & vines. Watch the video to take a hike with me... Tags: tiny house, off-grid, DIY, frugal, free, nature, natural, livinmicro, fairlyadept, Steve, trail, hike, nature walk, forest, woods, creek, briars, trees

Day3: Free Firewood Sort & Cleanup

Broke out the 20+ year old Ryobi sawzall to finish the large limbs then cleaned up by grabbing some of the thatch to complete my firewood setup. Tags: tiny house,off-grid,DIY,frugal,free,nature,natural,livinmicro,fairlyadept,Steve,trail,hike,nature walk,forest,woods,creek,briars,trees,ryobi,hedge trimmer,18v,vanon,battery,one+

Day2: Free Firewood from Fallen Tree

Today was sorting, processing, and explaining how and why I am doing things the way I do them. Tomorrow will be almost all work of my 20+ yo old Ryobi blue sawzall... Tags: tiny house,off-grid,DIY,D.I.Y.,do it yourself,how to,frugal,free,nature,natural,wood,firewood,circular saw,Ryobi,dead standing,sorting,wood stove,forest,tree,winter prep,18v,one+,blue,vanon

Day1: Free Wood Process & Planning

First day of wood processing and future plans for the surrounding property. So many sticks and twigs to size up and large limbs to sawzall... Tags: tiny house,off-grid,DIY,D.I.Y.,do it yourself,frugal,free,nature,natural,wood,fire wood,firewood,free fire wood,kindle,kindling,split wood,log,landscaping,trail,damage,tree,Led Zeppelin,ryobi,18v,vanon,one+,blue,circular saw,sawzall

The Other End of the Loop

Starting the other half of the loop for the perimeter trail on the property. Decided I should carve this one from the end back to the mid point. Didn't get as far as I could have but I already cut and processed a downed tree then cleared out and rehashed a connector trail that the tree falling put out of commission... Tags: tiny house,off-grid,DIY,D.I.Y.,do it yourself,how to,frugal,free,nature,natural,landscaping,trail,woods,trees,briars,hiking,ryobi,18v,battery,vanon,6AH,4AH,hedge trimmer,one+

Blocked Trail or Free Firewood?

A dead standing tree fell over an access trail last year during a severe and windy storm. The trail has been cleared and carved out again & the tree will be used as firewood :) Tags: tiny house,off-grid,DIY,D.I.Y.,do it yourself,frugal,free,nature,natural,van,landscaping,firewood,trail,damage,storm,tree,wind,ryobi,blue,circular saw,sawzall,battery,18v,one+,vanon