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The Home Stretch
Some parts have shaky and/or blurry camera. First driving and walking vid ever..., woke, fresh, early, ready, bright and shiny, morning, first thing, just for you, crazy, sexy, micro house, tiny house, camping, cabin, wooded, secluded, hideaway, frugal, homestead, minimalistic, small footprint, inexpensive housing, DIY, retirement, electric, wall plug, transformer, power supply, computer, PC, charger, repair, electrical repair, super glue, DIY, charger, USB, power supply, repair, electrical, DIY, super glue, rubber band, easy, fix, rubber band, electrical tape, DIY, repair, HP, Chinese, charger, power supply, PC repair, Clip-Dat, MP3 Player, repair, teardown


  1. Hi there
    Is that a "little buddy heater" I see in the vid? And are you running it with 1lb bottles of propane? Hope you are staying unfrozen! also Happy Jesus pancake day!!!


    1. Yup, had it for a few years. Hooked up to a 20lb tank with 1lb tanks as backup if I run out. I use 1lb tanks for cooking and a welding torch. Only use gas if I'm lazy, need fast heat in the morning, out of wood, don't wanna go out into the weather. The pancakes stayed with me for a bit - quite fluffy...LOL


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