Shahrazad Ail On How Feminism Destroyed The U.S. Black Family

Shahrazad Ail On How Feminism Destroyed The U.S. B...
Shahrazad Ail On How Feminism Destroyed The U.S. Black Family
"they" are putting white women into the same box if the white woman doesn't have a man that owns land.

As a product of a 1970's white male hating pro-gay pro-non-white feminist single by choice mother that put her fist in the air thinking she was part of the sisterhood of sisters and hanging out in public as a fag hag while raising me, her white male only child, until sending him, me, away as a ward of the state after puberty hit because I was then one of them...

She used to tell me stories of how I was supposed to be a girl named Carry but she was miscarriaged and that she drank herself to sleep crying that she was burdened with me every night as she sacrificed herself so greatly for my benefit every day...

The white girls are just as 14th amendment and brainwashed as anyone else - if not more - these days as social justice of all sexes and colors holds white males to the fire because they were born white and male.
I married and bore children with a black woman and she repaid me with much the same treatment and behavior my mother displayed making their similarly trained and closely shared ideology and world perception quite obvious.
My mother undermined my authority as a parent and helped my wife attempt to take me for child support.
We all know who the first one they come to is when they need or want something - even decades later after divorce and children are producing greatgrandkids for my mother- right?
If they really need or want something I'll even get to see my kids or my grandkids while fixing, buying, or making shit or them every few years as they disappear until they again need something…

Looking at history objectively and seeing the manipulation of the masses to fight against each other and break apart the family structure to exact monetary control of the populace is something you can not unsee.

It is one thing to watch or hear others say this or that but to uncover it in your own research will hit you like a ton of bricks as your entire knowledge taught over a period of more than a decade has been there to make you a tax and wage slave that rents never owning always working til the day you die...


Work, save, buy inexpensive land far away from cities, leave the trap for nature for $20 per year property tax total expense.
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++Shahrazad Ail On How Feminism Destroyed The U.S. Black Family

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