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Stefan Molyneux - Something You Should Know About Low IQ People
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I can see at least one stream of society effectively affected by such a scenario however on the flip I can also see how white American youth have been brainwashed into their current state of perception of the world by associating themselves with a single child star as his career embarks on a progressive and direct campaign of TV messaging his character as your personal friend and mentor as his character grows up on screen along side you (Michael J Fox, Brittney Spears, Olsen Twins, Hanna Montana…) in much the same way that news was delivered by the same individual portraying a father figure decade after decade as a means for us not to question the perspective told to us (Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw).
Those that can not see both sides of the above are either in denial or are not cognizant enough to notice these experiences upon self reflection, lack the depth or memory to do so, or are of the very few that grew up without any media, had no friends, and was unaware of any fads of the time as well but even then may have had corruption by a former method had he read books...

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