Former ‘Antifa’ Speaks Out - YouTube

Former ‘Antifa’ Speaks Out

This is a case of 80's children raised with "Family ties" having children during "the secret of my success".
This was the first glance back I found when I returned to semi-sanity after a life of parents that shoved their kids to sitcoms and 80's psychological reasoning became mainstream consumption for the masses from horror flicks with Freddy to radio commercials promising parents well behaved children.
It all started with kids being taught to associate Michael J Fox's "Alex P Keaten" as a role model that morphed into a character that slept with his bosses woman to sneak, cheat, and lie to the top of a banker style monetary success chain.
Couple that with "Ferris Beuller" and you get children of those parents.
It's scary how obvious it is but it continues today with the lessons of pop culture learned back then by those that attempt to maintain governance over an ever-expanding population.
Apply the above to the housing crash, 9-11, and more.

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