Destroying the LifeStraw and Sawyer Mini Water Filters - YouTube
Tom Sciacca of Camping Survival dissects the LifeStraw and the Sawyer Mini Filter to find out what's inside. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

watching the video shows a few key differences:
1) the media is epoxied to the clean side of the Sawyer Mini
2) the media is packed more densely into the Sawyer Mini
3) the media length through the filter body appears to have little effect as it allows water to travel around it easily
4) the "filter" part of the filter appears to be the section where the epoxy is
5) the Sawyer Mini appears to use the floppy loose fitted fibers as a pre filter where as it gets clogged up over time a new section can begin to filter
6) the Life Straw appears to not benefit from the additional media beyond the epoxied entry point as the tip is its micro mesh part
7) If Life Straw added more fibers tighter together and epoxied them into the clean side they would be the same as the Sawyer
8) If Sawyer used less fibers and epoxied the dirty side they would have less longevity, a less dense filter, and less ability to backflush just like the Life Straw
9) The Sawyer is an improved Life Straw, perhaps the 2.0 as it is twice as good using the same tech

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