Jordan Peterson Individual VS Michael Dyson Identity Politics

Jordan Peterson Individual VS Michael Dyson Identity Politics Is Jordan Peterson an angry white man or is Michael Dyson slighting an individual to advance a political group?

Jordan Peterson ideals from perceptions of an individual:

1) There are ideas of all types, shapes, and sizes about all topics good &/or bad

2) Any human person can have any ideas

3) Any human person can share like ideas with other individual humans

4) Any human person can share like &/or different ideas but not race or biological sex

5) Human individuals when born may &/or may not be the same race, sex, or a mixture thereof

6) People may &/or may not group themselves or identify with groups classified by race, sex, shared ideas, or any combination of factors

7) Ideas are generic and anyone can feel any of them regardless of identity or group

8) An individual has and forms ideas regardless of identity or group

9) An identity or group merely reinforces or shuns the ideas of an individual regardless of identity or group

Michael Dyson ideals from perceptions of a group identity:

1) Human individuals when born may &/or may not be the same or a mixture of races

2) Humans of like races or identities inform the processing of thoughts and ideas of their group (black Baptist church etc.)

3) People of different races, sexes, or mixtures thereof have different ideas (black Baptist church etc.)

4) Black people's ideas can not be conceived unless an angry white man goes to a Black Baptist Church to understand black ideas firsthand

5) A black/female/etc. person's angry is different than a white/male/etc. person's angry because the idea or emotions stem from a different group, identity, race, or sex

6) If your ideas are outside of a consensus of group, identity, race, or sex you share physically you are deemed a traitor & slighted as a member of a different race, sex, etc. and labeled as a sexist, racist, etc.

7) The accepted individuality only exists within an identity group approved set of parameters as set by a majority and/or the leaders/high status representatives of your physical race, sex, etc.


1) Jordan Peterson is an individual with ideas &/or emotions that happens to have been white and male

2) Jordan Peterson may perhaps see this as a racial double standard that he as a black man is able to call him out as a white male

3) Jordan Peterson knows if an individual born white calls an individual born black anything lesser than equal as an individual it is racist as per definition

3) Michael Dyson is a black male that holds ideas &/or emotions as a black male individual in fitting with his black + male identity and world view from a black male perspective as seen in Black Baptist Churches

4) Michael Dyson feels he & other members of non white, male, etc. identity groups are victims of a singular group he identifies primarily as a physical racial whites colluding with females etc. against his group in whiteness

5) Michael Dyson's black + male identity accepted ideas form classification perspectives that reinforce his opinion of Jordan Petersons ideas not matching his as being due to Peterson's projected placement not as an individual but as part of a group of conspiring physical racial whites

6) Michael Dyson's ideology formed of non-white perspectives allows use of "female perspectives" to call out Peterson's perceived identity group of Males colluding with either whites or white females against all that is not white etc.

7) Michael Dyson knows that due to his speaking as a member of a group he is not held to the standards of an individual for calling Peterson a white male as a slight because any non-white group &/or non-male group will agree as per basis of identity of a physical trait


A person is an individual:

1) If you remove a human from all senses relating to physical traits including sex that human will still have ideas, emotions, perceptions, and perspectives personal to the individual

2) If you allow a human to explore senses, physical traits including sex that human will also have ideas, emotions, perceptions, and perspectives personal to the individual

A group of individuals:

1) As within any competition between 3 or more individuals two of them given the opportunity will collude, defeat the common opponent, then compete afterward as individuals

2) In any competition or activity of a group/team there will always be leaders/thinkers and followers/learners

3) Combining 2 & 3 into one scenario the individuals become the leaders/thinkers of followers/learners forming groups/teams/tribes/classes/etc.


1) Michael Dyson is either a leader in a competition to raise his identity group above others, a follower that regurgitates what his leader(s) propose to be the way, is misled, misinformed, disingenuous, racist, a mix & match of the previous, or magically all of the above

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