Why I Was Wrong About Flat Earth

Why I Was Wrong About Flat Earth Do flat earthers propose people built the ice wall or that the cold edges farthest from the sun at the edges of the dome are cold and formed a natural or God made tall wall of frozen sea water that pushes up and bunches around the perimeter?

I think it is the second. I've never hear the first.

If we are living on this convex contact lens with a deep inverted glass bowl over it the ice wall around the exterior ring makes sense scientifically and logically because the glass bowl would be cool or cold from contact with space as well.

How and or why do you continue to propose that the dome, wall, and celestial bodies are run by a human government?!?!?

As a philosopher you should be open to the acceptance of the unknown and not continue to grasp onto the premise that man rules the world.

Flat earth is an existential belief that they are attempting to use natural science to prove as though it is a hypothesis. The sciences have separation Stefan.

The majority of cosmology and physics is theoretical not a natural science meaning, in my opinion, that since they used logic and math to prove hypothesis in the absence of experimentation it is just as pseudo as the other studies that do not use the scientific method.

Please return to your prior self and be a bit more cautious and skeptical rather than zealousness in the belief that science is infallible - it is very very good and aims high but it is a making of flawed men after all...

Perhaps revisit the definitions of the scientific method, hard science / natural science, and theoretical physics (hypothetical physics) in the oxford dictionary and regain your agnosticism with a pursuit with understanding of separation of processes.

Happy Easter and April fools day...

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