What to expect from Friday`s massive National School Walkout

What to expect from Friday`s massive National School Walkout If you think students are done protesting gun violence, get ready for the National School Walkout.

What are the goals of this walkout?

"Empowering students to do the walkouts and become leaders in their communities, speaking up when they see inaction," Lane said.

The movement also encourages young people to push for legislation at the state level if Congress doesn't act.

"The federal government can set standards and practices that apply to all states around gun safety. But states have the option of passing additional measures to protect their own residents from gun violence," the website says.

Such measures could include:

-- Banning assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks

-- Mandating universal background checks

-- Placing a minimum age of 21 on all gun purchases

-- Implementing waiting periods between a gun purchase and gun transfer

-- Allowing families to petition a court to remove guns from individuals at risk of injuring themselves or others through extreme risk protective orders (ERPOs)

So basically, grab the guns, outlaw the guns, make students become protestors.

Wonder how it is that CNN always has the scoop on these websites that promote national protests?

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