Trump accuses Amazon of `Post Office scam,` falsely says Washington Post is company`s lobbyist

Trump accuses Amazon of `Post Office scam,` falsely says Washington Post is company`s lobbyist Personally, I can see how this can be seen as an influence of political, informational, and financial marketing pressure to levy for the will of Amazon due to some of its already known business practices as found in discussion boards and rants from business owners, resellers, and buyers alike.

Having both worked for and sold on I can attest that the USPS was pushed up against a wall by the volume pricing deal that was initially made but was still barely able to survive.

Then under Obama admin the Chinese begin to push about our debt to them and Congress pushed not only masses of land in Idaho but USPS shipping for next to free to Beijing.

This allowed me, when reselling, to have packaged items + S&H delivered to my home from China for less money than it would cost to mail a stamp to my next door neighbor.

After this was going on Amazon opened the flood gates on their website to Chinese sellers which knocked out many US resellers due to under pricing of items and an inability to compete against free shipping from China to the US.

This means Amazon used the deal with China and the manufactures of their devices to get USPS to be their free delivery service at the cost of Americans and the USPS.

This was further pushed into USPS doing final step deliveries for other carriers like UPS and FedEx as Amazon began to then dictate to the market using FedEx and UPS to dump trailers of presorted mail to USPS distribution centers for end delivery at near zero cost per package while charging amazon 3rd party sellers and buyers normal shipping service prices.

It was then that Amazon began demanding USPS do Saturday and some Sunday deliveries breaking USPS payroll and pushing them to new limits.

Next move was Amazon bought an airplane and began developing their own trucking to cut out FedEx and UPS from the loop.

After FedEx and UPS are marginalized amazon entered into the logistics and shipping business while still getting all the benefits from Chinese free shipping, to charging customers and resellers full prices as a shipping markup, USPS bulk volume and presorted discounts, and delivery by USPS on weekends.

Now Amazon is beginning to do 1 and 2 hour deliveries by couriers for very high prices even cutting out USPS pulling what little rug they were left with to stand on.

This doesn't even get into Amazon essentially taking over small towns and dictating traffic and directing the local police departments to block roads and redirect and change timing on lights due to pulling in thousands of jobs in towns of only several thousand people.

After the prospects of hiring dry up in a given town the wages begin to stagnate within Amazon buildings...

Then they get dodgy with taxes by reinvesting the bulk of their profit into taking over another small town elsewhere before filing time to get super low taxes on the massive income made.

In other parts of the world they roll through countries with the ease they roll through small towns in the US.

This is Amazon's pattern...

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