Thousands of Black Holes May Lurk at the Galaxy`s Center

Thousands of Black Holes May Lurk at the Galaxy`s Center A gaggle of black holes [still hypothesis] has been found clustered around the center of our home galaxy [stated as fact], the Milky Way—and the discovery hints at a much larger population of black holes [still hypothesis] hidden across the galaxy.

For years, scientists have known that a monster black hole [hypothesis] sits in the middle of the galaxy [speculation]. Called Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), the compact object is more than four million times as massive as our sun [?], but it's packed into a region of space no bigger than the distance between Earth and the sun [?].

Scientists had long suspected that as many as 20,000 smaller black holes were orbiting the galactic center [as they say "suspected"]. But as the name suggests, black holes [hypothesis] are not easy to see directly. [because they are no more than math and hypothesis (at least right now)]

To overcome this obstacle, a team of astronomers went looking for stellar binaries—specifically ones with black holes [not yet a real thing] that are paired closely with stars [extrapolated hypothesis].

In these cases, matter from the star falls into its ultradense partner [how sensational], and the swirling gas forms what's known as an accretion disk around the black hole's maw [in math & 3D models we created using hypothesis]. This superheated disk of gas emits x-rays that astronomers can detect. [so far we see some x-rays then hypothesize why that may be allowing conjecture to equate to a discovery]

All of this space stuff is conjecture until experimentation can be performed upon it making it a hard science instead of its current "theoretical" state which should hold all these bodies as hypothetical rendering it a hypothetical or soft science until the scientific method [requires testing] can test against the hypothesis to allow its passage into theory. IMHO

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