Comey-Trump feud takes a vicious turn

Comey-Trump feud takes a vicious turn The vindictive tone of the former FBI director's observations stunned Washington.

We are now deep into uncharted territory as the once head of the FBI is now publicly attacking the person that heads the nation he was set forth to protect in a self-righteous and partisan manner.

He is publicly stating information regarding sex practices and attacking personal beauty tricks on a persona basis with no regard to the office with which he holds during his tenure within that office undermining the perceived authority of the office of the president of the united state of America in an open world wide forum.

If this is not damaging enough just recall that he also leaked information regarding alleged personal conversations with the sitting president of the united states of America to the public.

He whom was either part of or sat in as the head executive of one of America's most revered law enforcement agencies was personally leaking information to the media to undermine the authority of the president of the united states!

This is going to be interesting…

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