NASA wants your help checking its satellites — so send in your cloud pics

NASA wants your help checking its satellites — so send in your cloud picsIt has become very difficult to track the cover of chemtrails from space as the mist is so fine. While they say it is cirrus clouds in the highest upper atmosphere it is much more probable they are after the lowest strata that contains the artificial version proposed to everything from blocking sunlight to creating better radiowave propagation for the new 5G shortwave to bounce off of...
NASA is asking all cloud gazers to snap photos of the sky and share them with the space agency via an app.

The citizen science project is needed to validate data from six Earth-observing instruments on different satellites. And it's likely to make #CloudTwitter incredibly happy.

The instruments are part of a project called Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES), which aims to better understand what roles clouds play in global climate change, among other things. Clouds, however,...
Among other things…

Like management of their global climate spray techniques and to get coverage regarding close to real time info on how the trails are creating cover to correlate with temperature data points on the ground while at the same time micromanaging spray rates and where to add and taper?

Guess those satellites aren't so great huh?
Yet they will tell you they know the exact composition and weather on Venus and the temperature inside the core of the earth… WTF?!?!?!?

NASA = Now A Scientific Apraxia

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