Is America Running Out of Unemployed People to Fill Jobs?

Is America Running Out of Unemployed People to Fill Jobs?The number of job openings in the U.S. has touched another record high while the number of Americans readily available to fill those roles trends lower, according to Labor Department data released Friday.

Everyone must take note right now!

On 3/16/18 during second year after the voting of Trump into office the Wall Street Journal is writing stories about not having enough unemployed people in the US to fill the number of jobs available!

The article says that the jobs market is already in the employee's corner as the number of jobs available means the corporations need to entice those to be hired with better wages and / or benefits to get them to sign on.

Is this not going to be considered a boom – or will this be considered a bad thing?

Hint: to the democrats it is bad either way as they will find a new stance that is anti-Trump or anti-GOP either way…

America is winning again!!!

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