Tax bill passed and it's Armageddon

Tax bill passed and it's Armageddon...
Tax bill passed and it's Armageddon
Nice vid. The problem is that all those stupid liberals aren't clicking on vids like yours to hear the truth.
You need to look rougher and dirty like you are begging for change then all the white liberals – still without watching your vid – will promote you into victimhood and raise money for you until you quiet down and become their political lap dog.
That'll put you into the loop of people that will watch your vid and expose to the libs that they gofunded a person that has a brain.
That will be Armageddon in their minds at that point & you'll have been viewed…

Or you could grow a beard and wear a pink skirt then they'll play you non-stop for their children…
Right or Wrong? Agree or Disagree?
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++Tax bill passed and it's Armageddon

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