Florida shooting first responders describe harrowing day

Florida shooting first responders describe harrowing dayAs more details emerge on the Florida high school shooting that left 17 people dead, some of the officers who rushed to the scene are sharing their accounts of the harrowing day.

A) this is CNN
B) this was a presser to show community cohesion
C) this presser was to calm the outbursts
D) CNN is using it as a means to continue their narrative from angle #2

CNN is always driving towards the goal of their narrative.
CNN has a playbook with an A/B/C style of circle think to move the perceptions of their viewers into line with their goal of a particular agenda.
CNN uses all formats and all perspectives from all shows within the 24 hour and weekly span of personalities to push certain groups of users in certain directions with different belief systems to set the stage for making their end goal achievable.
CNN will say they have no end game.

In the pursuit of global planning some are to set up the pieces while others are to enact the events while yet others are to change the laws while yet others then enforce said laws against us for even more profit, power, and control…

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