Fla. shooting survivors mother: We have received death threats

Fla. shooting survivors mother: We have received death threatsThe mother of a student who survived the deadly Florida high school shooting said her family has received death threats in the wake of the tragedy.

What kind of idiots are these guys?
If I want to keep my kid safe I am not going to put them on a bus on a national tour telling the POTUS and the world one media outlet at a time how they and each individual watching and listening is supposed to think and react.
It seems to me they now want to play the victim of backlash against others telling us how to think and behave?
This is why kids shouldn't have a political voice and this is why ideologically based hormonally unstable and regressively maternal newer and young mothers – or females below 30 – almost always fall into the category of worrying about what a kids shows the world about you rather than what the kid is doing, saying, or behaving.
Think about the kid in a car accident where the mother is worried about if the underwear are clean while the father is calmly trying to come to terms with his son losing a leg…

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