Aborted Baby Fetus shocking heartbreak on instagram

Aborted Baby Fetus shocking heartbreak on instagramQuite an image. Seeing this life that was prematurely born DOA is almost as heartbreaking as seeing others lives' ended. A very thought provoking and jarring image to say the least...

Perfect little fetus spontaneously aborted at 8-9 weeks gestation.
This is a case of a spontaneous miscarriage before 20 weeks of gestation that ended up this way due to pregnancy complications.
Miscarriage is an unfortunate thing to deal with, and plenty medical complications during pregnancy can lead to it such as an infection, uterine and hormonal abnormalities, unhealthy lifestyle, drug and alcohol usage and smoking, exposure to environmental and workplace hazards, immune system problems, and list goes on and on. In addition, women may be at increased risk for miscarriage as they age.
When a miscarriage occurs, the tissue passed from the vagina should be examined. This is done to determine if it was a normal placenta or a hydatidiform mole (a rare growth that forms inside the womb early in pregnancy). It is also important to determine whether any pregnancy tissue remains in the uterus.

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