10 Lies Youre Told About American Slavery

10 Lies Youre Told About American SlaverySlavery remains one of the most uncomfortable subjects in the history of the United States of America. Indeed, it can hardly be relegated to being only American "history" as we'll soon see in greater depth. There are large groups of historical revisionists that have a vested interest in trying to downplay it or reshape it in a way that's more comfortable for their agendas. There are also some people that have grown up with overly simplistic versions of slavery in the past and its current state. We here at TopTenz will strive do our small part to push back against both.

A bit of inaccuracy regarding the Irish servants. Many of the Irish were worked to their deaths and chosen for the riskier duties than blacks were because they were not purchased by the slave owners and if they died during labor the slave owner did not incur a financial loss…

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