Roy Moore: America Was Great' During 'Slavery

Roy Moore: America Was Great' During 'Slavery
Roy Moore: America Was Great' During 'Slavery
"Can't make this up," a former
Obama official tweeted regarding Moore's comments.

Here's the deal:

He picked a year or an era in which, due to his audience, he felt it necessary to disclaim that even though slavery was still in practice that his focus was on the strength of the family unit.

He could also have said, "when families were united
– even though we had:
1) to use candles and oil lamps for light
2) no cellphones or iPads
3) no TV or radio
4) no running water or sewer systems
5) no washing machines
6) no movie theaters
7) no cars or trucks
8) no internet groups or FB
9) to use horses at the cost of one per "Horse Power"
10) to live in NY to have TNYT propaganda matter
– they cared for one another"…

There are countless things that could have been used to contrast the two periods in time but he knew they would jump to slavery as a means to say anything that happened in days of old sanctioned slavery and was therefore evil.

His disclaimer was attempt to "slavery was not yet abolished however my focus here is on the strength of the family unit and how mothers and fathers both worked together to raise their children to their moral standards and the children respected their parents and elders opinions and perspectives as being from those with experience and wisdom."

While it is easy to look back in time and find things you don't like or that were not as good as we are accustomed to today his statement was completely twisted and misrepresented.

Most people will admit "well he should've said XYZ" but there appears to be no retort to the immediate jump of the listeners to the race card at any cost.

They asked the question knowing they wanted to use slavery as a means to say he was a white supremacist or dog whistling or whatever.

If you can't admit that or see their intent behind that question you're blind.
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