Obama touts his economic record: Thanks, Obama

Obama touts his economic record: Thanks, Obama
Obama touts his economic record: Thanks, Obama
Former President Obama jokingly
thanked himself in a speech Tuesday as he detailed the economic accomplishments of his administration.

More incitement of resistance under the guise of humor…
He is slighting the increased GDP of the year following his leaving as being due to himself while he praises mayors and localities that continue to push his agendas upon the public even though his regime was lawfully supposed to have ended over a year ago.
He essentially succeeded in the transformation of America as he promised the globalist progressives (and bankers) he would…
He weakened us from being the definitive global voice into being one of the global opinions that bowed to the authority of the Saudis and to lowered the office of our president to below that of the authority of UN leadership.
Trump is attempting to return us to sovereignty and is being fought by each and every department head and organizational paper pusher one after another as he attempts to cut through the ideological and globalist coo of admitted alliance to continue the globalist policies set forth by Obama at all levels of governance…

Obama wasn't a great leader.
He was a great talker and smoother overer that stepped in whenever someone caught onto or noticed the dismantling of our ability to govern ourselves without permission from the UN, the WHO, the IMF, and the nod of bankers…

Will Trump succeed?
Right or Wrong? Agree or Disagree?
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++Obama touts his economic record: Thanks, Obama

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