The fabric of a community frays under Trump

The fabric of a community frays under Trump
The fabric of a community frays under Trump
One in a series of occasional articles examining how President Trump's ascendance and early moves have altered expectations and reality. This story is the first of three gauging

those effects in one Pennsylvania county. YORK, Pa.—Are you OK? Where are you? Barbara Estep kept texting her daughter, Nylaya Way, who was not responding. Donald Trump had stunned the nation by winning the presidency the night before, and now frightening

things ...

This has little to do with Trump and would've occurred following just about anyone replacing Obama.
Obama left this community feeling hopeless, broke, and shunned due to its lack of ethnicity.
Follow that up with being a mix of rural farm land and lower Appalachian boroughs I see this as more of an outcry of relief as they feel there may again be a chance to worry about the economy, getting food on the table, and not being the blame for what's wrong

with every LGBTQ+ or non-white or non-citizen in this country and more broadly in the world.
Many people saw Obamas willingness to have our top office of President bowing to the head of the UN as his superior as the end of our sovereignty and felt beat down, restrained, or oppressed / discriminated upon by the fact that white males are the only group

of humans that are not a protected class and have no support system there for them as the myriad of other individually defined groups of humans do.
How many white kids that grew up in rural areas do you think felt slighted and/or repressed during the past eight years where Dindu Nuffin behavior was acceptable or excused while being a white male you were either born rich and were shunned or deserved every

possible outcome of not being born rich and were taunted and abused for being in a powerless position.
Some may have seen it as white power due to having everything levied against them simply for being white or male.
Some have only been alive for 10-12 years and all they know is Obama's term and the repression and shunning white boys received during those years.
If I was a 12 year old white boy told everything that happened from hundreds of years prior to my birth to present was my fault due to something I had no choice in like the color or sex I was born I would feel slighted, minimized, discriminated against, and/or

held to a different standard as a white male.
If at age 10-12 in 2016 I was on the internet or saw on TV that we were going to have a white male as a president I might feel my struggles would be vindicated.
Anyone that can't see this or put themselves in someone else's shoes long enough to contemplate this is either biased or can't see past their own nose…

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