Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I'm a girl, gimme some money...

I'm a girl, gimme some money...
I'm a girl, gimme some money...
I was talking to someone that poked me on Facebook for more than ten minutes yesterday -before they asked me for money...
that's a record :)

Why? because bitches be like hos

It's always some 27yo female begging for a $100 iTunes card for music or apps.
She's always living in some non-white country as the daughter of someone running an orphanage that is suffering with too much food and water and electricity... "But I need these music and this apps don't when you can help with iTunes $100 or I die in forgotten"...

One said she wanted to come visit me and I replied "should I bake a cake?"
"Aren't you going to help me out ? I need some money. You aren't going to help me?" says 27yo female with no job visiting her uncle on his dime...

Why the f*ck would I?
Who the f*ck am I?

It's really sad how desperate guys are if they pay these broke ass begging tricks like that.
What does it say about our society that there are women out there like that as well...

You get lonely broken hearted men to give you money on FB?

lol, you need some loot? psych

Selling your soul to the internet is worse than selling it to an IRL devil...

Preying on men for money is worse than playing with men for money...

Goodnight? It could be, got any spare change?
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