'The Mummy' reboot slammed as 'worst Tom Cruise movie ever' by critics
'The Mummy' reboot slammed 'worst Tom Cruise movie ever'
Universal's first foray into the depths of its Dark Universe probably would have benefitted from a brighter guiding light. After spending over three decades dazzling audiences across large-scale action-adventures on the big screen, Tom Cruise's latest genre spectacle, The Mummy, is set to unravel in theaters this Friday. Movie critics, however, got a peek under wraps this week, as movie reviews for the blockbuster project debuted online Wednesday morning. The consensus? According to a vast maj…

Yet another reboot with a central character that was male getting a female this go round.
Looks like it's full of action and adventure just as the previous mummy films were.
The only difference so far as I can tell from the trailer is that the bad guy this time is a female and she uses a sexy allure as part of her tactic to throw people off kilter and the female supporting character appeared to be less of a cheerleader and more of a coach as she was tougher and more aggressive in regards to comparison with the previous films giving her attitude an air of "like I told you" over the original, "my goodness, thanks".
Why was Tom cruise not replaced with a GMO and/or augmented black fluid gender amoeba?
Both the good and the bad main characters in this film are cis gender and white.

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