Bill Burr - Dakota Access Pipeline - YouTube

Bill Burr - Dakota Access Pipeline
Bill Burr talks about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

But what?
It's cheaper to burn diesel in tractor trailer and train engines to haul tiny tanks bumper to bumper than allowing flow through a pipe?
Did the Gulf of Mexico or off shore Alaskan water turn red with oil and kill off hundreds of thousands of fish while coating hundreds of miles of shoreline with sludge killing birds, mammals, and more?
Or was there a comparative puddle in dirt that was comparatively contained comprised of a few gallons rather than tens of thousands of barrels worth of uncontained crude?
C'mon smart guy, what is it I don't know?
Is the sky falling?
Is global warming the cause of Evergreen College?
Is Bernie pro-post-election-pay-off-mansion-buying but still anti-oil?
Or is Jill Stein still pro-pretending-to-get-recounts-to-help-Hillary-with-green-hippie-funds then keeping it for herself?
Maybe ask why Bernie is a capitalist and Stein is a scammer.
Perhaps top charging your electronics with coal and diesel powered electric.
Maybe stop eating food that was transported by truck.
Can you stop breathing air that has been tainted with carbon?
Please, what is it you don't know how to tell me?
Solar powered crystal worshipping non-GMO non-gluten vegan anti-allergy bacteria free organically trapped outside of a cage ideas based on ideologies too simplistic for realism on the tip of your tongue?
I'm a conservative, in the true sense, meaning I conserve and consume very little - likely less than you.
What don't I know that you are having trouble telling me?

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