Joe Rogan has his mind blown by Lawrence Krauss

Joe Rogan has his mind blown by Lawrence Krauss Joe Rogan has his mind blown when Lawrence Krauss discusses the universe, and

the possibility of the multi-verse. Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #938.

So essentially now that understanding (and/or math extrapolations) has gotten to the point where it knows of unknowns (wow)
the universe has become a cosmic neighborhood and galaxies are the blocks and cul-de-sacs our home solar system is addressed.

Seems to me a better alternative would have been to create a new classification or subsection of space with a new name or label rather than redefining one that is already all encompassing.

Further, I don't believe math extrapolations showing a model or a possibility of something necessarily mean the assertion of the big bang is correct as any number of unforeseen variables along the way may or may not have affected that time, period, or stage.

Additionally, just because mathematics shows it is possible to reduce everything known by man down to the most minute subatomic particles that are then proposed to have come from nothing doesn't necessarily mean our start originated from that reduced state.

If the argument is that the prior assertion is incorrect because, as Lawrence Krauss suggests, everything in our "universe" follows the laws of physics up to a point where did the order this law defines originate from in its vacuum of nothingness and chaos?

Or did the universe originate from order but our understanding is weak enough to perceive it as chaos?

In discussing our origins existentially I find it difficult to think math and man are as smart as we come off thinking we are.

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