Monday, October 16, 2017

Trump smoking smores w/ Mike Pence - New York Profile
Another hit-piece designed to divide P&VP
The president once joked that Mike Pence wants to 'hang' all gay people, according to a New Yorker profile.

WTF? This is craziness!
Appears Trump was right when he said that gathering was the quiet before the storm.
Makes even more sense when you consider their topics of conversation and the fact that they were military families...

Activists threatened harm and planted pipe bomb - new Civil War?
Civil War reenacted despite threats / bomb
FBI, ATF and other law enforcement are investigating after a "suspicious item" was found at the battlefield.

It's a shame that people too young to know of the Clintons' or HW Bush's time in the White House are led to erase our Country's history by no other than Bush's CIA and the scarier of the two Clintons…

Larry Flynt the Hustler Tries to Trump US with $10 million
Trump’s impeachment is only worth $10M?
Got dirt? "Hustler" publisher Larry Flynt has offered a $10 million bounty for anyone with information on President Trump that would lead to his "impeachment and removal from office."

Waits 'til now 'cause we are beginning to see the changes Trump's made begin to surface.
Trump has now become the one that steers social issues and has opinions that create debates.
Trump has made those with religious and pro-life voices less timid and want to stand up for themselves again.
Trump has already begun to rekindle the fires of an individual's right to freedom.
Less government, more individual freedom. An ideology of our republic that Republicans have almost forgotten and Democratic constituents are beginning to contemplate honestly.

Weinstein Jokes? What a shame! says openly musical Corden
Is apology & intent to shame show or sham?
James Corden is answering to the backlash surrounding jokes he made about disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein while hosting the eighth annual amFAR gala in Beverly Hills on Friday.

Just another attention whore!
Says he didn't mean to offend while intending to shame someone?
Says he didn't wanna upset anyone then says if you didn't like the joke leave now because more are on the way?
He's a dude to those ladies.
He can be gay all day until he jokes about something sexual because taking it in the rear != having a vag.
For both good and bad that is biology and you are a man and of the out group when that line is drawn in the sand – no matter how much of a white knighting cuck you are, dude…

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trump in culture war against The Hill and other democratic swamp creatures
Trump ramps up the culture war
President Trump is expanding the culture wars, launching new attacks against institutions that he views as liberal, elitist or both.

"The Hill" lays out a list of Trumps accomplishments as though they are victims of it then sneak in who they rub elbows with near the bottom of the article:
"I'm not one to attribute to some grand strategic design to Trump or [former White House chief strategist Stephen] Bannon and I don't assume they know more than we do, but a little bit of humility is warranted on the left and by the political establishment," said Gara LaMarche, the president of the Democracy Alliance, a leading network of liberal donors."

Let that sink in:
the president of the Democracy Alliance, a leading network of liberal donors.".

Talk about elitist, manipulative, swamp-like, and anti-individualist!
"The Hill" is cancer!

Hillary explains Trump bragging off camera's worse than Bill Clinton Weinstein-ing IRL while she threatened victims
Clinton: We made a person who committed sexual assault president
Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton discussed the culture of sexual assault following a myriad of new sexual harassment and assault allegations against Hollywood film producer and longtime Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein.In an interview with the U.K.'s Chann…

You've gotta be kidding right?
WTF? Her husband was doing it in the oval office amongst other places and she actively and aggressively pursued and systematically shut down each of those that he had "relations" with.
She's not the defense in a court case, no, she's the shadowy one on the outside that chases, scares, and threatens the life of the plaintiff to try to keep her hubby out of trouble while doing the same actions she says she is so against…

Trump slips on the poll bringing him back up to his lowest high on a record breaking middle ground toss up - Duh...
Trump's popularity is slipping in rural America: poll
Outside the Morgan County fair in McConnelsville, in a rural swath of Ohio that fervently backed U.S. President Donald Trump in last year's election, ticket seller John Wilson quietly counts off a handful of disappointments with the man he helped elect.

Trump's popularity in "non-urban" areas is now at 47/47.
The article meticulously breaks down incomplete info into an incomplete picture of an incomplete audience.
This story could've been steered in any direction one wants from the tiny tidbits of info cited…

Ice cream or fat free yogurt? You tell me LMAO!
Arnold Schwarzenegger Treats Reported Girlfriend Heather Milligan to an Adorable Ice Cream Date
The 'Terminator' star stepped out in Los Angeles on Sunday with his rumored flame.

OMG! I think it's TCBY!!! LOL

NASA gives us drawings and 3D renders of satellites approaching planets to prove the photos are real? - LOL
Coolest space discoveries
From the Pillars of Creation to discovery of the first asteroid, here's a look at some of the most amazing findings in the world of space.

Any real images taken by a camera?
Anything other than CGI or artists interpretations?
Overlays of stuff we can't see super imposed and color shifted?
So these "images" could be made with swirls of warm water in a cool tank?
If these are real images of our crafts approaching these planets what was already there to take the picture of the satellite upon approach?
How is it we can't get good cell reception with good line of sight but we can communicate with needles in haystacks millions of miles away as they zip off into the unknown?
If NASA built cell phones with this magic tech could we simply call each other without towers?
NASA can get the percentage of oxygen on planets in other galaxies but our closer than moon satellites can't give us a cable signal through a cirrus cloud?
NASA = Bullshit!!!

Article trying to convince white women to not have kids...
I Think I Would Be A Happier Person If I Never Had Kids
It's time for moms to talk honestly about the reality of parenting. In November of 1975, the year before I was born, advice columnist Ann Landers asked her readers, "If you had it to do over again, would you have…

If you want to be a man with tits or a skippy teenager forever then yeah, kids would interrupt your 35 year old playing a video game on YouTube lifestyle.
Being an emotional child till you die, partying at the pool while wrinkly, and having fancy toys for yourself to play with is no good until you've gone through enough life to appreciate it when and if you can revisit those childish fantasies…
On another note dealing with the same topic: non-whites are having large families on purpose in an offensive front against the western world while articles like this are written…

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